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Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein


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Our classes promote a deep understanding of both art & culinary traditions from foundations to advanced learning. With a strong focus on materials & sourcing our classes emphasize a connection with community and environmental resilience.


Our experts offer consultations for your design or art oriented organization or kitchen. Edible Nest Studio can curate catering or exhibitions for your event or theme using fair use and sustainable practices. We can create in depth portfolios and plans for your organization to become a leader in innovation. 


The studio is made of practicing artists and chefs who look forward to bringing their work into your world. Press here to explore our shop!



Edible Nest Studio works to create whole systems and integrated approaches to the practice of both design and culinary fields. Where many design-oriented studios focus solely on concept, expression and product, Edible Nest Studio focuses on developing practices in the arts and food that create growth cycles to replenish communities, environments and ecosystems.


Some ways that we have approached this so far is through historical research into natural dye and pigment making, contemporary solutions for materials and agricultural techniques to provide the materials in a more sustaining way.


The designs presented at the studio are made using responsibly sourced materials and methods that respond to the growing climate crisis. Workshops and outreach focus on material sourcing, historical and representative knowledge of both contemporary challenges, historical fact and innovative solutions.




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To apply for a job with Edible Nest Studio, please send an email titled "employment inquiry" with a cover letter, your C.V. and digital portfolio to:

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